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our consultation services come at no cost to you. We are retained by franchise companies to present qualified candidates for their franchises. To get started, simply fill out an information form. One of our experienced franchise consultants will then reach out to verify your details. During this initial conversation, we will discuss the franchise categories that interest you the most.


During the consultation stage, we gather essential information to assess your capabilities and find business models that are the perfect fit for you. Our primary objective is to understand your background, skills, desired lifestyle, and overall goals. We believe in the importance of awarding franchises to highly qualified candidates who are well-suited to thrive in the operation of their chosen business model. Your success is our ultimate goal.


We introduce you to various franchises, providing valuable insights into each business model. Expect to learn about exciting name brand franchises within the categories that pique your interest. It’s essential to keep an open mind and evaluate all the business models, comparing and contrasting them. Don’t discount a business until you have gathered all the information. The initial impression of a business may not reveal the full potential. By examining the numbers and operations, you may discover impressive possibilities that you initially overlooked.

Review of Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD)

Once you receive a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) from a franchisor, it’s crucial to thoroughly review its contents and seek answers to any questions you may have. The franchisor will readily assist you in finding the information you need. The FDD also contains a list of franchisees and their contact details. We highly recommend reaching out to these franchisees to gain insights into what it’s like to operate a franchise unit within the system.

Call Franchisees

Contacting existing and past franchisees is essential to gain valuable firsthand information. We will provide you with a list of questions to assist in this process. Speaking with franchisees who have experience with the franchise you’re considering is a great opportunity to validate the franchise opportunity and gain insights into the profitability and challenges involved in running a franchise unit.

Consultation with Attorney and Accountant

We strongly emphasize consulting with a competent attorney and/or accountant before purchasing any business. It is crucial that these professionals have a background in franchising to ensure you are fully protected and positioned for success. If you don’t already have these professionals, we can provide recommendations to help you find the right experts.

Attend a Discovery Day

Most franchisors organize Discovery Days, where prospective franchise partners are invited to visit a specific franchise location and observe its operations. Attending a Discovery Day provides crucial information to assist you in making an informed decision. It also gives you the opportunity to meet the staff who will support you in running your franchise business.

Decision Time

After going through all the previous steps, it’s time for you to make your decision. If you choose to own a franchise, you can have confidence that you have taken the necessary steps toward controlling your own life and owning your own business.

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